here's a bit about me:


I use technology to enhance my learning by making things digitally using my creative thinking and drive. 



  • I am the Former Student Portfolio Manager at Dreamyard Preparatory High School, I've worked alongside Rudy Blanco and my fellow manager Jasmattie Gopichand.


 I grew up and was raised in Bronx, New York, ever since I was little, I was fascinated with technology and that admiration deepened as I got older. I used to play on many gaming consoles, the oldest being the GameCube, this is where my intimacy and fondness of technology blossomed. Around 2010 I moved to Pennsylvania, In search of something reinvigorating and different, I stayed there for about 3 years, and began my beginning phases of actual hardcore gaming on my first PS3. In the beginning of my Sophomore year I moved back to New York and enrolled in Dreamyard Preparatory Highschool, where I joined the club MOUSE Squad which is basically a youth tech group. I learned about different aspects of technology being in this group and I became interested in new areas in addition to gaming. I learned more about myself being in this school, I opened up and became heavily involved with the community outside of MOUSE as well. I made it one of my goals to take what I love and express it digitally using the web and familiarize myself with more things involving technology.


Today, I am the Student Portfolio Manager within MOUSE Squad, and I really enjoy it. Simply because I am exploring Web Design which I became familiar with in my Sophomore year. I actually learned Web Design through Wix.com and aquainted myself with HTML + CSS to increase my knowledge with web development using Code.org and CodeAcademy. Basically I’m taking work that I’ve already done and figuring out how I can show it online to others. Since I love technology so much, this doesn’t feel like a job, it feels like second nature, one in which I am sharing with more than just myself. Taking on this, I set many goals, one being to teach others what I have learned so we can create school-wide digital portfolios amongst all grades so they can be College and Career Ready. I also began exploring how I can use gaming in my future and apply it to my work.


Later on in my life, I hope to attend college to major in Computer Science (Get my Masters Degree) and minor in Computer Engineering. I want to show many people that I can be a very ambitious and strong individual when it comes to something i’m very passionate about, which just so happens to be technology an essential and useful skill in this technologically advancing world. To know the language of computers is something everyone should learn since it is becoming a large part of our world today.


My Resume is available in two different versions






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